Annual Investment Forum 2022: Financing a sustainable future

Annual Investment Forum 2022: Financing a sustainable future

About the webinar

The Annual Investment Forum 2022 “Financing a Sustainable Future”, organized by DecarBOOST, was held on March 30 and 31. During these two days of the forum, in its virtual version, around 570 specialists and experts from 26 countries, especially from Latam, participated. The main objective of the 2022 Forum was to showcase the progress, challenges and routes for climate finance in the process of decarbonization in Latin America. At the same time, it sought to (a) position the decarbonization process in Latin America, focusing on the transformation routes and showcasing the progress in terms of climate finance and investments; (b) showcase proposals that promote decarbonization to contribute to resilient development in Latin America, related to the project’s themes and the decarbonization process itself; and (c) generate a space for analysis and visibility on the progress and results of the project in terms of climate finance and investments in Latin America.

Thus, together with the project’s partner countries and allies, 3 blocks and 1 workshop were designed and organized. During the first day, the progress of the project was presented on the barriers to climate investments, especially economic and financial ones; as well as the discussion of proposals for financial instruments and mechanisms that are being promoted and implemented; and the analysis of the challenges and opportunities of the implementation of carbon pricing and its impact on the economic development of the Latin American region. Finally, on this first day, there was a discussion on the energy transition as an opportunity for climate investments. On the second day, two initiatives on climate finance that are being implemented in Colombia, Mexico and Peru were presented; and the forum ended with a specialized workshop on monitoring tools for climate finance.

During these two days, there were speakers, moderators and panelists from various countries in the region and Europe, as well as a high level of participation with comments and questions from the attendees, showing interest in the topics discussed and in generating partnerships. The results of the forum include organized and summarized information on the main barriers to climate investments; potential alliances to strengthen the Community of Practice on “Investment and Climate”; materials for dissemination of the project such as the general video and the infographic on climate finance; presentations and recordings of the topics discussed in the segments; and above all the positioning of the project with key actors in the region who are working on climate finance to contribute to the decarbonization process in Latam.

Event panelists

Schedule | March 30th

Materials' Schedule | March 30th

Preparation of financial markets Latin Americans against climate change (SPA)

Enabling conditions for decarbonization - Results achieved (SPA)

Enabling conditions for decarbonization in LATAM - Rocío García (SPA)

Carbon pricing instruments: a perspective from Argentina (SPA)

Barriers and Policy Instrument Proposals in Brazil - William Wills

Carbon Pricing in Brazil - William Wills

Opportunities towards the energy transition (SPA)

Environmental sustainability proposal (SPA)

Schedule | March 31st

Materials' Schedule | March 31st

Presentation and follow-up of Investments and Climatic Flows (SPA)

Infographic Workshop Tracking Climate Finance Tools

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