Investment and Climate Community of Practice (CoP)

About the proyect

Investment and Climate Community of Practice

The Paris Agreement requires that global financial flows be consistent with the effective transition to zero carbon and resilient development


We need all relevant stakeholders to get involved in financial action, without limiting it to public financing and climate funds; incorporating other key players such as public financial institutions, investors and business groups, as well as capital markets, banks and other lenders capable of mobilizing trillions of dollars on the road to transition

Who participates in the CoP?

The Community of Practice seeks to be a meeting point between the world of finance and investment, and the climate world, involving actors from different geographies of Latin America, who actively carry out sustainable finance and investment (banks, investment agencies, funds, insurance, from the public and private world), and actors that promote and support sustainable finance in the region (Think Tanks, international cooperations, regulators, unions)

Benefits of being part of the CoP

Applied inter-learning between peers and experts in climate, finance and investment, from Latin America and the world
Access to relevant content in nexos + 1 news: webinars, information repository, dashboards, databases, infographics, etc.
Positioning as opinion leaders through nexos + 1 news. Dissemination of your work in interviews and webinars
Space for the presentation of cases to be attended in the Community of Practice
Access to a network of climate and investment specialists open to collaboration

Our workshops

29 / 09 / 2022
8:00 am