What is DecarBOOST?

About the proyect

What is DecarBOOST?

Catalyzing investments to decarbonize Latin America and the Caribbean

DecarBOOST is a three-year project, which was launched in 2020, with the aim of supporting the region in general and three countries in particular: Argentina, Brazil and Peru, to catalyze the transition towards a low-carbon society and promote consistent investments with resilient development.

What do we do?

In its three years of implementation (2020-2023), DecarBOOST will

Develop knowledge products that retrieve lessons learned and experiences from activities in the three partner countries, aimed at the investment community, the private sector and interested parties.
Establish a regional Community of Practice that involves key local stakeholders and focuses on fostering peer-to-peer learning on climate investment instruments, opportunities and challenges
Publish an annual report about climate finance in the region to enable knowledge-sharing
Publish the annual Guide for Action, which presents best practices and lessons learned
Run the Latin American Private Investment Forum