What is DecarBOOST?

About the proyect

What is DecarBOOST?

Catalyzing investments to decarbonize Latin America and the Caribbean

DecarBOOST is a three-year project, launched in 2020 with the objective of supporting the region in general and three countries in particular: Argentina, Brazil and Peru, to catalyze the transition to a low-carbon society and promote investments consistent with resilient development.

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What do we do?

In its three years of implementation (2020-2023), DecarBOOST will

Develop knowledge products that draw lessons learned and experiences from the products and activities of the three partner countries, aimed at the investment community, private sector and stakeholders.
Establish a regional Community of Practice involving key stakeholders in the region focused on fostering peer-to-peer learning on climate investment instruments, opportunities and challenges.
Organize and lead the Annual Investment Forum and virtual events, which presents opportunities, pathways and challenges to promote sustainable investment in the decarbonization process in Latin America.
Publish an annual report on climate investments for Latin America.

What have we achieved?

DecarBOOST Argentina

Of the 3 prioritized sectors, 6 investment opportunities have been identified, 3 corresponding to the energy and transportation sector and 3 to the AFOLU sector.

DecarBOOST Brasil

As a result of the studies in the 5 sectors, 9 investment opportunities were identified that are now viable to implement in the short term.

DecarBOOST Perú

5 investment opportunities have been identified in 3 key areas, taking into account the barriers and financial instruments prioritized to incentivize low-emission investments in the private sector.