Financing Net-Zero in Latin America: Policy Instruments and Mechanisms

Financing Net-Zero in Latin America: Policy Instruments and Mechanisms
20 de septiembre del 2022
9:00 am (GMT -5 Lima)

About the event

Latin American countries face challenges and opportunities as the region moves towards decarbonization. A key question is: “how do countries finance the required transition in important sectors of their economies?” In dialogues with the Deacarboost team, stakeholders in government and the private sector highlighted policy instruments and mechanisms that can help address the financing gap.

This webinar featured presentations and panel discussions on the role of policy instruments in financing deep decarbonization pathways in Latin America. Relevant cases and perspectives from key sectors in Argentina, Brazil, and Peru were presented based on research and dialogue with stakeholders from the Decarboost project. The webinar featured thematic research, including the role of the voluntary carbon market and offsets in financing nature-based solutions in the region.

The format was of presentations and debates by prominent academics, members of the Government and leaders of the non-governmental sector in Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

Video of the event


William Wills (Technical Coordinator, CentroClima | COPPE | UFRJ)

Micaela Carlino (Manager, Fundación Torcuato di Tella)

Willy Mak (Climate Finance Specialist, Libélula)

Shared presentations

A Carbon Pricing Policy for Brazil

Financing Net-Zero: Policy Instruments and Mechanisms in Argentina

Policy Instruments and Mechanisms in Peru for Financing Net-Zero


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